Coming up next weekend, on SATURDAY 3RD SEPTEMBER, we kick off a new month and a new season with the launch of new night PARADIS.

Like dancing? Good, so do we.

So, to tell you how they got here and fill you in on a bit of background info, here’s a little bit about the people being Paradis…
First of all they put on a night called THE DO, where, in all honestly, they didn’t really know what they were doing (as first timers). There were bands and a whole crazy collection of … stuff … but, lo, it was good.
Then they created 13 MONSTERS, where good times with the smoke machine were had by all and everything was great until the introduction of the limiter and the venue was shut down. Blunt, but alas, such is life.
So, after moving around a number of different clubs and just doing whatever the hell they wanted really, the team are back and this time they’re at THE TUBE with PARADIS! Brighton beach may not look quite like the tropical paradise below, but it’s gonna get pretty gorgeous down at the seafront.

We like their style. Slightly shambolic, and totally free, these guys will play a wicked selection of underground club music that isn’t restrained by the boundaries of genre. Paradis promises to deliver an eclectic sound selection of some of the finest music to shake your shambalas to, playing material from the likes of Hudson Mohawk, Nguzunguzu, Machinedrum, Wheez-ie, Teengirl Fantasy, Gang Gang Dance, Girl Unit, Cabaret Voltaire, Zomby and many many more!

DOORS at 11pm until v. late.

FREE ENTRY before midnight – £5 thereafter, or £4 with an NUS card or if you’ve been clever enough work your way onto the Guestlist.

Check out the Facebook Event Page HERE for more info and to get your names on the wall for aforementioned Guestlist Entry…

It’s gonna be heaven.


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